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Taxes are crucial to the advancement of any state, being one of its most important means of revenue. The Kogi State government at all levels through KGIRS, are doing more to enhance tax awareness while also showing proper management of revenue raised through taxation in order to encourage citizens to continue to pay taxes.


On Tax education in Kogi State, KGIRS has created and is constantly updating a well detailed system for the enlightenment of citizens and also a proper means of enforcing taxation to ensure payment by the majority of citizens.
Tax Legislation
Taxation in Nigeria is strictly by way of formal legislation. In other words, every tax in Nigeria, to be legal and enforceable, has to be one enabled by an identifiable piece of legislation which imposes taxing obligations which are clear and unambiguous. Currently, these legislations uphold the different tax regimes and practices in Nigeria.
Tax Types
Tax is a charge imposed by governmental authority upon property, individuals, or transactions to raise money for public purpose. There are different type of taxes collected by the the three (3) tiers of Government.
Tax Collections
This is the enactment of the processes (Tax Policies and Tax Laws) put in place by a government institution for the purpose of generating and aggregating revenue.
Tax Administration
The administration of tax is vested in various tax authorities depending on the type of tax under consideration.
In Nigeria, there are two authorities namely;
(a) Federal Inland Rvenue Service.
(b) State Internal Revenue Service.
“The tax you pay is not for the comfort of the Government, but for the Government to give you comfort.”
Atojoko Mohammed, HOD Tax Education


For optimum service delivery to Kogi State, we pride ourselves to provisions of best practice for easy tax processes

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