In the truest of intentional admittance, the Kogi State Internal Revenue Service is happy to associate with the new face-lift in Kogi State at 31. It gives a fulfillment of purpose for the very thing which makes our purpose of existence in the State, which is revenue generation for the government to meet the basic needs of the people, and on infrastructural development of the State.

We are, by the same weight of gratitude, acknowledging the staunch support of His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi State, whose vision favours the thriving of internal revenue generation growth.

We hereby herald the confluence state of opportunities, a state greening with advancements into economic stability, as it marks yet another anniversary. We implore all and sundry to take part in this opportunity to be part of a progress which is sure to come to fruition.

Happy 31st, Kogi State.