By Atojoko Mohammed

In the wake of the current Kogi State where taxpayers’ money is evident in infrastructure, security and creation of job opportunities in the informal sector, the Tax Education and Enlightenment Team have visited the new and popular “GSM Village” along Ganaja Junction, Lokoja; an informal tax sector which is widely believed to have been necessitated by the newly constructed flyover along the area.

In an address delivered by the team lead, Atojoko Mohammed, he enlightened the business owners in the area that the strategic point where they have found a niche for the thriving of their businesses was made possible by taxpayers’ money which the government used in constructing the flyover, thus providing a suitable environment for their businesses.

Earlier in the week, the Acting Executive Chairman of the Service, Alhaji Sule Salihu Enehe, was pictured with the Kogi State Commissioner for Finance, Budget and Economic Planning, Honourable Mukadam Asiwaju Asiru Idris, at the 8th Nigeria Governors Forum IGR Professional Learning Exchange in Abuja where the TAX-FOR-SERVICE public trust was launched as a way to advocate for legitimacy of the tax administration system in Kogi State which consequently aims to encourage tax compliance.

In the words of the Acting Executive Chairman, “In Kogi State, under Governor Yahaya Bello, TAX-FOR-SERVICE builds confidence and taxpayers compliance. For example, Lokoja Township Roads and many other stellar strides were constructed with taxpayers’ money”.

The area, which is under the coverage of Lokoja II Area Tax Office, was discovered for due enlightenment by Muftau Ogueyi, the Area Tax Manager, and has since recorded tremendous success as the taxpayers were duly enlightened that the more compliant they become, the more the rate of development in the State, and the more it reduces the rate of unemployment and criminality thereby causing an onward growth of revenue generation in the State, hence the slogan; TAX-FOR-SERVICE.